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Mint Song by candysoda

I love your work personally. It's beautiful and vibrant, and I love how you made the pastels work. The background is plain white which doesn't overpower the main drawing in the middle; I love it. The shading is good, the color is cute, and the oval around her is just magnificent. I know this may no be a big deal, but it's bugging me a bit. Is it a dress that she's wearing? Or is that a belt I see? Either way she is pretty, and this is a wonderful piece of artwork. And just for you to know, I rated this based on what I personally see; I'm not saying this is what everyone else sees or notices. I gave you 5/5 for Vision mainly because I don't know what it means. Sorry. But I know it's something good, and I'll give you that. Originality I gave 4/5 because I felt like I've seen this kind of design too many times before. But what can I say; I enjoy this style and the way it was designed. Technique I give you a 5/5 because I've seen people attempt to do this sort of work, but they can't seem to nail the proportions (I also have that same dilemma with drawing). And Impact I gave a 5/5 because it was just beautiful. I'm sorry that I probably didn't do this properly, but I wouldn't have sufficed to just leave a comment saying "Good job." or "So pretty." I'm totally adding this to my favorites. Keep up the good work!
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candysoda Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyoko, you have made me a really happy lady! Just knowing that someone has liked my work enough to favourite it, and praise it like this really inspires me and makes me want to draw more, thank you very much for giving me that boost I needed!
It is a corset she is wearing with a belt yes, I probably shouldn't have added the belt :3
Thank you so much again you've made me so happy! I will definitely continue to do my best! n.n
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